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rattleCAD 4.0 - Professional

This variant of rattleCAD is intended for individuals or companies that use rattleCAD in their business. There will be additional support for this user group. I can also implement special customizations in rattleCAD, such as: your own logo or customized components and representations.
If you're a professional frame builder, or otherwise earning your money with rattleCAD, then please contact me and you're right with rattleCAD 4.0 - Pro (Professional).

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rattleCAD 4.0 - Private

This will be the standard version of rattleCAD 4.0 and is intended for individuals who want to use rattleCAD in their private projects.
If you're a hobby frame builder and want to use rattleCAD in your design process, then you're right with rattleCAD 4.0 - Private.

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rattleCAD 4.0 - Demo

This version of rattleCAD is free, but will not include important features such as chainstay check or tube miters and frame jig settings.
If you just want to take a look at rattleCAD or if you want to deal with frame geometries, or just want to draw bikes, then you are right with rattleCAD 4.0 - Demo.

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rattleCAD 4.0 - Component Library

Since rattleCAD 4.3 a library of components, like saddles, cranksets, dropouts and more is extracted from the rattleCAD software. This gives rattleCAD the opportunity to update this library of components without the need to release a new version of rattleCAD.

To keep the compatibility with older versions of rattleCAD, please download the base Component Library

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My TclTk library projects on sourceforge

In implementing rattleCAD, I've extracted some libraries that may be useful to others:

  • cad4tcl provides the canvas in rattleCAD
  • svgDOM simplifies path-elements in SVG-Files