rattleCAD 4.0 - GUI Views

What is it for?

This page gives you an overview about the aims of the different views in rattleCAD 4.0.

What's new?


In previous versions of rattleCAD you had a so called notebook with a lot of tabs to support different steps in your bicycle design process. On some views there was a red triangle in the upper left corner to provide additional features.


Some of these features were not found by the users of rattleCAD and the design process supported by rattleCAD was not apparent.


rattleCAD 4.0 provides an accordion on the left side of the GUI. The headers of the accordion (with the icons) sums up the main views and features for this specific process step.


... with expanded accordion


The Project section helps you to organize your projects:

  • load an existing project
  • read a project from your templates
  • or select one of two predefined road / offroad templates

Bike Fitting

The Bike Fitting section gives you the opportunity to enter the parameters from your bike fitting:

  • BottomBracket
  • Saddle
  • HandleBar


The Geometry section is one of the main views in rattleCAD. Here you can modify the main geometry of your bicycle:

  • import the positions of your Bike Fitting process
  • modify main parameters of your geometry
  • switch between level of dimension details

Frame & Frame Tubes

The Frame & Frame Tubes section is also one of the main views in rattleCAD. This is the place where you refine your frame:

  • angle of TopTube
  • type of HeadTube
  • diameter of tubes
  • length of Fork
  • analyze free space of Chainstays
  • check Lug angle if you build with lugs

Summary & Mockup

The ummary & Mockup gives you an impression of your project at a glance.:

  • show main dimensions
  • ... or without any dimensions
  • select components to make your bicycle look like a finished bike

Workshop Drawings

The Workshop Drawings gives you the information you need to build your bike in the workshop:

  • drawing of the frame
  • drawing of tube miters
  • settings for your FrameJig


The Export provides you different types of export to share or to take your results with you:

  • PDF
  • HTML
  • SVG


The Overview section gives you all the described views at once:

  • Base Geometry
  • Frame Details
  • ChainStay Details
  • Summary
  • Mockup
  • Frame Drafting
  • Tube Miter
  • Frame Jig