Feature - Tube Miter

What it is for?

You wants to join tubes to cones, cylinders or planes. Some of your tubes have a round shape others have an oval shape. While rattleCAD provides the main miters for your project, with this plugin you can handle joints that are not handled by default.

Step by Step Tutorial

From the addon menue select Mockup-3D using FreeCAD.

After clicking this button a new window appears.

This window provides two views on your tube mitering. The image above shows the the unrolled miter that can be printed and used ad your workflow. The following image shows the configurable geometric perspective of your tube miter.

The following images shows you the different miter types from the configuration perspective.

The next images shows you extended possibilities to parameterize your miter configuration. The first image shows you the mitering of an oval tube, the second image the possibility to rotate and move the miter axis.

What it is not?

This plugin provides miters for well defined round or oval shaped tubeends. Take care, that your tube is really round or oval (elliptical). If this is not the case, the miters will not fit your demands.